Our Offers

Restaurant Online Ordering

When customers place an order they can choose betweens all kinds of options like ketchup, mustard, etc, for a burger.   Customers can apply coupons to help the business entice their customers.  Customers can schedule a delivery time and the business owner can verify it easily.

Live Video Streaming

. Instantly stream on your website through Facebook Live.  The website owner can instantly stream on their website simply by doing a live video on Facebook. Includes a robust video gallery to display unlimited video content.  Streams and video can be locked behind a password to allow limited access, such as to a yoga class.

Retail Online Ordering System

.Built from the ground up for retail businesses such as online ecommerce stores, grocery stores, art stores, beauty stores, and more.  ​This system provides different layouts, options, and ​includes our special upgrade “rewards” system, which allows customers to earn points over multiple purchases and redeem them

Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Don’t just sit there, get your doors open “virtually” and start servicing your customers again.

Fast Setup

Start Receiving Orders Immediately

Host Unlimited Items In Your Online Menu

Loaded With Options And Features

Live Streaming Video Website

Continue to reach and engage with your customers through our live streaming platform.  We will set everything up for you, and even teach you how to stream, and have it automatically appear on your streaming website.

This is a perfect way to keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds.  You can even upload any video content, and even charge people to view it.

Fast Setup

Stream Content Automatically To Your Website

Upload Your Own Videos

Charge For People To View Your Content

Online Store Ordering Systems

Sell anything online, including products you currently have in your store.  Our online store is loaded with functionality and focused on making the customer experience as easy as possible.

Fast Setup

Start Receiving Orders Immediately

Get Instant Notification Of Orders

Take Payments Right In Your Online Store